Covid Craiced Us

First New-Crescent-Moon-Proximal-Saturday following at least 1 lunar synodic day during which the 7 earth-day moving average of new UK covid-19 cases has remained below 700 per earth-day

7-day moving average currently = 1,087

Predicted Craic Date = 22nd August 2020

(This is hopefully comparable to projected summer incidence minimum. Last updated 25 June 2020.)

You know the drill:



Food (pending case load)




Zoom Room (for anyone isolating due to track and trace or otherwise)

Of course many other impromptu excitements will arise I’m sure.

Various distancing options segregated by space will be available, proportional to the case load at the time and agreed by consensus before the Craic.

Matt is on 07903 383081, please RSVP with expected attendance

Feel free to drop in and out as you please.