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Broccoli Trees
/ˈbrɒkəli triːz/

Use as shorthand to reference the fractalised-competitive nature of a certain philosophically nuanced vision of reality, without having to redefine the whole argument again, and broadly to overskirt an otherwise unnecessary re-hash of basics, such that analysis can more quickly transcend and accelerate to a previously un-surmounted peak. Can be used in conjunction with: [see pseudocasm].
{Witnessed in Rome, April 2017, an apparition appeared to two wandering love-lusting souls while overlooking the Stadio Palatino. Broccoli looks like trees, trees look like broccoli. Trees, as broccoli, are endlessly fighting for access to light, without necessarily being conscious of it, clambering over each other, their patterns are self-and-cross referential, something about a true defining nature of life. These trees and their ancestors had watched the rise and fall of Rome over millennia. Their own introspection itself a pattern of the consciousness of impermanence and structural emergence}


Style of communication whereby the user insinuates a weighty theme while only meaning to convey a moderated version of the overstated message. It is therefore not fully serious, however maintains a core of truth somewhere in the message. This can be used for dramatic effect, especially when testing the discernment of fellow broccolis. [Note this is not an opposite to {alarm emoji} though there is some antonymous nature to them.

Roy’s Law
/rɔɪz lɔː/
fundamental truth supposition

Name credits Rick & Morty s02e02 (mortynight run), where in an inter-galactic arcade, Morty plays a game “Roy” lasting a few minutes, but has the witnessed experience of a whole life. Roy’s Law suggests that just as a dream, each psychological experience is a sub-set of a larger consciousness to which we will continue endlessly waking up into. Noted dark allegorical connotations with themes in the movies Inception, work of Huxley, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Buddhist Reincarnation. Further, the simulative experience may become apparent to the experient: if they can see the signs: which once noticed suggest the laying of plans in a higher simulating reality. The signs become self-certifying making it difficult to distinguish delusion or psychosis, from awakening. Or is there less difference than some might like to think? The action once the sign is received is the difficult bit: just as a lucid dream: what does one do? Most choose to fly.

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  1. You are patronising me. Please fuck off.
  2. That feeling you get when some real resonant shit just went down and you are edged one step closer towards concluding Roy’s Law is true.