Snow Moon Winter Warmer!

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Open House

18:00 Friday 7th February

When Sick of You, Sunday 9th February

Full Moon 07:33 Sunday

12 The Homing, Cambridge, CB58SD

Matt is on 07903 383081, please RSVP with expected attendance, bonus points of you send x, y and A (see below!).

Feel free to drop in and out as you please.






Games (several in parallel probably – see selection below + your bringings!)

Jam (bring instruments)



Tubs @

Sauna @

Cold Plunge


+ Your Contributions (message me!)

{Geek Time}

– Pointless and Excessive Use of Maths/Logic
_ I hope the puritans among you are screaming “there is no such thing!!”_
Attendance algorithm:
Use the following algorithm to find your provisional arrival time (a), and then your actual arrival time (A).

A and a are in units of days, with

00:00 Friday = 0.

So that, e.g. 1+18/24 = Saturday at 18:00..

Or if maths makes you uncomfortable, you should consider whether we can be friends…

ok, ok, if you really don’t like maths: basically: {if you love maths don’t read this para}
[if you only want to come on just one day/night, come Saturday, if you want to mainly come for games, come earlier on Saturday, if you are not so keen on games, come a bit later on Saturday. If you can’t make Saturday, feel free to come Friday / Sunday instead. If you want to come stay the WHOOLE weekend, just phone me to check I actually like you that much ;-). This is to concentrate attendance for Saturday, and for people of similar gaming tastes at appropriate times. Simples aye!
It will also help me for foods and such :-). Note, I envisage a massive game of Avalon around 7pm; but there will be other things going on too.]

If you want to stay in mixed numbers (such as 1+18/24) suggest choose x as even, y as 0, 5 or 10.


  1. x = number of hours you want to come for 0 < x < 48.
  2. y= how important is gaming to you 0<y<10.
    (0: probably won’t game -> 10: I only want to game)
  3. If x>30, a=18/24, go to step 6. Otherwise, continue to step 4.
  4. a* = 1+21/24-6y/240-x/48.
  5. If a*<1+12/24 : a=1+12/24, otherwise a=a*.
  6. b = time in hours between time a and your next appointment.
  7. If x<b, A=a, algorithm complete. Otherwise continue to step 8.
  8. c = duration in hours of your next appointment.
  9. d = a+(b+c)/24
  10. e = 1+21/24-4y/240
  11. If d<e : A* = d : go to step 22. Otherwise, go to step 12.
  12. a# = a+(b-x)/24
  13. If a#<18/24 : a’=18/24, otherwise if 21/24<a#<1+12/24 : a’=1+12/24, otherwise a’=a#.
  14. f = time in hours between time a’ and your next appointment.
  15. If x<f, A=a’, algorithm complete. Otherwise continue to step 16.
  16. g = duration in hours of your next appointment
  17. h = 24*(a-a’)+b-f-g
  18. k=24*(2-d)
  19. If f<2 and h<2 and k<2, A= 18/24 or 2+10/24, (attendee choice – algorithm complete) otherwise:
  20. Choose max of {f, h, k}.
  21. If f : A=a’ algorithm complete. If h : A*=a’+(f+g)/24. If k, A*=d.
  22. If 1<A*<1+12/24 : A=1+12/24, otherwise if 2<A*<2+10/24 : A=2+10/24, otherwise A=A*.
  23. Algorithm complete.
  24. Sub note, if c<<x you might like to consider leaving and coming back again :-).
  25. How much fun was that!


Games Choice

Buddhafield GEA Inspired ‘Fun’
(not so dissimilar to the potato masher game)

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Evolution Climate

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Carcassonne + Expansions

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