The Craic is Back Wrap! (54h)

The Craic is Back (10).png

Friday 05 July Noon – Sunday 07 July 6pm

12 The Homing, Cambridge, CB58SD

If you can see this you are invited to the the privileged wider wrap of the central Craic is Back festivities. Specifically a Friday night dinner, Avalon, walks and pub. I will not be offended if you can’t come to all of this, but the window is open so people can come in and out as able to.

(Craic V)




Noon · Come help me prepare and generally chill / catch up / sound check / last minute things!

5 · Communal Dinner Prep

7 · Dinner (Vegan) – bring adornments!

9 · Garden ‘Avalon 3.0’ !

Probably some other stuff..

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8 · Breakfast

10 · XR Streets for Life Action Central Cambridge (no pressure)

3 · Invitation to Meditate

4 · BBQ & Chill

8 · The Big Political Drag Show

9 · DJs & Playlists* (Outside PA)

*Communal playlist request link here

trump drag


1 · Insert Lost Memories Here

10 · Breakfast

12 · Local Walk

4 · Pub

6 · Get Ayyyyyt

Dress Code & Theme (Saturday, optional but encouraged):

Dress as your Favourite (or not) Politician / Activist / Tyrant who does not identify as the same gender as you. I’ll leave tact up to you.

Yes there is some amount of ‘challenge’ / philosophical theatre implied.. but bring your light-heartedness.

Drag Show

If you would like to enter the drag show please let me know asap (open to all genders needless to say).

The drag show will include:

  • Each contestant’s favourite Political Speech ever (in the style, of, but not by, the person you are dressed as)
  • Your choice of Karaoke song / spoken word / dance / comedy (in the style of the person you are dressed as)
  • The audience will have a quiz card, will give scores, and has to match the speeches to the actual originating politician.
  • The winners of the drag show and the ‘matching game’ will get prizes and be invited to go on a date together.

You know I like things simple right…


Invite List (Main Saturday Event)

(Because you know everyone loves putting people into boxes – and you can still stalk to see even though we’re not on facebook!)

Invite List (5).png


You are invited and encouraged to bring someone I don’t know on top of partners if applicable.

Presence not Presents

No presents please, however if you would like to, please donate to Jimmy’s Night Shelter on my page here: donate to Jimmy’s Cambridge

Other Offerings

  • For the BBQ, I will provide some vegan (+halloumi), but please bring what you like including meat if you desire it, I will eat some of it if you do :D.
  • In house DJs (thanks Tim + more).
  • Please let me know if you want to perform (all acts welcome).
  • Upcycled Hot Tub Project MkII (please think of wears which you are comfortable in).
  • Most importantly, the presence of generally awesome people.

For those of you familiar with Nest, certainly the ‘participation’ ‘immediacy’ ‘self-expression’ and ‘gifting’ principles is what I’m sort of going for on a mini-scale: all are invited to bring your creativity and inspiration for more offerings!


Let me know asap if you need crash space (if too many people for my capacity I will put on a local airbnb with proper beds to take up the slack, so don’t hesitate).


Please RSVP to me on WhatsApp/text/phone 07903 383081 along with anticipated guests and nights accommodation required (note my Facebook and messenger are disabled)


The need to provide some clarifications has arisen:

In line with the philosophical spirit of the day, this is a cross-sectional event: there is no requirement for you to be any of:

  • Direct Action Activist
  • Anti-Capitalist
  • Carrier of Mao’s little red book
  • Vegan or Vegetarian
  • Assuming that any of the above are automatically synonymous.

(Though if you are any of these you are of course more than welcome)

This is sort of the point.

The vision is to make a bit of a funny art-piece on the ridiculousness of the argument binary.. hopefully you’ll have noticed the picture avoiding claim that any single dogma is the answer.

So come with a light sense, have a laugh and toy with past patterns and the mistakes of our younger years. Personally I’m trying to choose the bits I like from the bits I don’t ;-).

*spoiler alert*