Weekend Bliss : The Return

Friday 24th – Monday 27th February 2023

A >3 year gap – shock – horror! Almost as bad as the true identity of Sauron.

The 12th such incarnation conceived by our much beloved Clare group!

We propose for this return a most salubrious social seclusion with minimal travel, focused on celebrating reunion, games and optional small jaunts into nature…A chance to retreat into the depths : a countryside house, communal cooking. The time of year is for getting soaked and wind swept in the day, head torches and hunkering down next to a fire in the eve.


tbd but <90 mins from Cambridge


Hempstead, Essex



The tradition is for the date to be set by group of historical attendees, this time satisfying: X>5-2√Y
Where X=total WBs attended and Y=number of the 3 most recent WBs attended

Anyone on ‘Gathered Appendages’ thread may attend.

In addition, each date setter has option for a +1

Voting for date was unanimous on this occasion

Monies & Booking

Aiming £150 – 200 all in accom + food

Attendance by invite only.

All attendees to pay £150 by 27 January to:

Matthew Howard



Reference: WBXII (Your name(s))


More Activity Options

Walk around local downs

Swimming in the Pool + Hot Tub!

Many games


With Uke Wednesdays songbook

Bring the ukes!

Games Choice

Improv Inspired ‘Fun’
(not so dissimilar to the potato masher game)

Perudo! (Matt bringing)

Image result for perudo pirates of the caribbean scene

Evolution Climate (Matt bringing)

Image result for evolution board game

Avalon (Matt bringing)

Image result for avalon cards mordred

Alison and Tom’s Mega Massive Mystery Game

Image result for mafia godfather



Menu a la Carte


Friday Lunch

Friday Dinner

Saturday Breakfast

Saturday Lunch

Saturday Dinner

Sunday Breakfast

Sunday Lunch

Sunday Dinner

Monday Breakfast






Check and Message the WhatsApp before you try and edit! (Can’t edit two at a time!)

All meals added by head chefs. Add extras with caution sense and taste!






Terms Agreed in by text leading up a confirmation zoom Sunday 15 Jan ’23:

(1) Default aim is for <1 hour travel from Cambridge and everyone to have their own bed unless attending as couple. Some people have expressed flexibility for e.g. futon / sofa bed, but compromises will only be made if necessary due to limitations on accommodation / price which are not anticipated especially given off-season time of year. Target is £150 – 200 pp inclusive of accommodation and food.
(2) Consensus was that the trip is prioritising reunion and a coming back together, but each person will receive option for a +1.
(3) There was a mixture of appetites for additional attendees – many people will not invite extra guests, but some would like the option.
(4) Maximum number of attendees agreed as 20.
(5) The trip will offered to the ‘Gathered Appendages’ thread and in parallel those wishing to invite +1s may do so given low anticipated additionals; we agreed both these offers in parallel would still unlikely breach the 20 max. It was agreed to be reasonable that Matt retains organiser’s prerogative to be able to invite 2 guests at his discretion based on total other numbers / impact on accommodation.
(6) We will not ‘aim’ for 20 people, and simply leave space / book accommodation to suit total attendees as best possible. The group concedes this could lead to slightly higher costs.
(7) Deadlines for confirming all attendees and payment is 27 Jan. £150 will be required to secure your place.
(8) There was consensus that once money is paid there would be no refund on cancellation other than a 100% refund for acute illness including testing positive for COVID. In this situation the remainder of the group covers the cost shortfall.
(9) It was agreed that all attendees will take a COVID test on day of departure and not attend if positive.