Weekend Bliss X!

English Letter X from sparklers alphabet on black background.

Friday 15th – Sunday 17th November 2019

The 10th such incarnation conceived by our much beloved Clare group!

A chance to retreat into the wilds: mountains, hills and rivers, a countryside house, communal cooking, walks, much games, maybe some meditative practice this time.. The time of year is for getting soaked and wind swept in the day, head torches and hunkering down next to a fire in the eve.


Flamborough Head

Image result for flamborough head lighthouse
Image result for flamborough head lighthouse

Highcliffe Manor Flamborough

https://abnb.me/5YXc3Koww0 (how amazing is this place!!!)

Highcliffe Manor, Flamborough 
Highcliffe Manor, Flamborough 
Highcliffe Manor, Flamborough 

Adventure Ideas

Big Walk around Flamborough Cliffs..

Swimming in the Frigid Sea!

Nightime Ancient Ruins Exploration 😮

Image result for ancient ruins flamborough

North York Moors

nymoors coast
Image result for flamborough head map and n york moors

Menu a la Carte

Friday Dinner

-Les Pizzas fais le toi-même –

Saturday Breakfast

– Céréales à la Crème d’Avoine –

– Bouille & Baies Saisonnières Séchées-

– Les petite crêpe épaisse, confiture, beurre d’arachide –

– Shakshuka –

– Jus D’Orange, Thè, Café –

Saturday Lunch

– Chacun pour soi-

Saturday Dinner

Poppadoms et les chutneys –

Curry de pommes de terre gujarati (végétalien)

Curry à la citrouille, haricots noirs et noix de coco (végétalien)

– Épinards et curry paneer (végétarien) –

Ladoos végétalien à la noix de coco

Sunday Breakfast

Porridge à la noix de coco (végétalien)


Anglais complet (végétarien / viande sur le côté)

Pain perdu


Tesco online



Check and Message the WhatsApp before you try and edit! (Can’t edit two at a time!)

All meals added by head chefs. Add extras with caution sense and taste!



Friday Dinner:

A. Head chef.

B. Sous chefs (+wash up pots etc as you go)
Lily Steve Annie Ed

B2. (Dining Room Host)

C. Wash Up
Varnz Jenny Eric

Saturday Breakfast:
D. Head chef
Matt H

E. Sous chefs
Lily Carmen Catherine

E2. (Dining Room Host)

F. Wash Up
Dan Steve

Saturday Dinner:
G. Head Chef

H. Sous Chefs (+wash up pots etc as you go)
Dan Jenny Catherine Charlie

H2. (Dining Room Host)

I. Wash Up
Annie Richard CET

Sunday Breakfast:
J. Head Chef

K. Sous Chefs
Matt A Varnz Richard

K2. (Dining Room Host)

L. Wash Up
CET Lizzie

M(tbc). General end of Lunch Prep Tidier for anything that got missed (don’t purposefully leave shit around because of this and this role may dissapear if anyone else drops out)
Matt A Ed


With Uke Wednesdays songbook

Bring the ukes!

Games Choice

Buddhafield GEA Inspired ‘Fun’
(not so dissimilar to the potato masher game)

Image result for potato masher game

Perudo! (Matt / Annie bringing)

Image result for perudo pirates of the caribbean scene

Evolution Climate (Matt bringing)

Image result for evolution board game

Avalon (Matt bringing)

Image result for avalon cards mordred

Codenames (Carmen bringing)

Image result for codenames being played

Alison and Tom’s Mega Mafia Murder Mystery

Image result for mafia godfather


Matt aiming for Bridlington station 16:41 – bike – 17 :00 at Manor

Alison Steve 13:48 King’s Cross – Hull 16:18 16:30 – Bridlington 17:10 – taxi – Manour at 17:20

Lizzie aiming for 14:56 Stevenage – Doncaster 16:14 16:59 – Bridlington station 18:47 – taxi – 19:00 at Manour

Annie Lily Ed Car from Oxford eta ?

Jenny Eric Charlie Varnz Car from Nottingham eta

Richard Car from Nottingham eta 21:00

Megan 18:03 King’s Cross – Bridlington 21:45 – taxi(unless anyone sober wants to pick up!?) – at Manour 22:00

CET 19:03 King’s Cross – Doncaster 20:40 20:58 – Bridlington 22:45 – taxi – Manour at 23:00

Others a mystery, message the group!

Recommended Train to Bridlington (3.5 hours from Kings Cross via Doncaster), cycle (30mins) or group taxi  (10mins).


£150 all in accom + food

Attendance by invite only.

The tradition is for the date to be set by group of historical attendees, and then anyone’s additional invitees from their lives are welcomed in.

Date Setting Voters (currently from list of any 2 previous WBs, vote being unanimous) was:

Alison & Steve



Jenny & Eric


Megan & Matt A


Further Confirmed Veterans


WB Virgins

Carmen (Matt’s Samba Band)

Catherine (Various Artists)

Charlie (Jenny’s friend)

Ed & Lily (Lizzie’s friends)

Dan (Matt’s Mitra Group)

Varnz (Jenny’s friend)

Remaining Unreplied Invitees from List of 2 Previous WBs

Alastair, Rebekah & Naomi


Can’t Attend from List of 2 Previous WBs



Further Attendees tbc