Welcome to the Future

Noonish onward Tuesday 31 December 2019 –
Sometime Wednesday 01 January 2020

12 The Homing, Cambridge, CB58SD

Matt is on 07903 383081

Feel free to drop in and out as you please

Noon or before · Start games
(Want to try out not yet played “Evolution Climate” see below)
Food. Chill. Drink. etc.
Also choice of Other Games. Jam. Ukes. Hot Tubs@. Sauna@. Cold Plunge.

6 · Vibe Check.
Choose between:
Stay chez Homing More Food. More Drink. Music. etc.
Buddhist Centre for New Year Ritual (https://www.cambridgebuddhistcentre.com/event/5555/new-year-ritual-evening)
XR NYE Social (my leaning atm)
Karaoke, more food, Sir Isaac Newton Pub)

Midnight · Per Choice

Late · Choose, Fire. Tubs@. Sauna@. Cold Plunge. Stars. Bed.

10 · Break your First Fast of the Future


Evolution Climate

Image result for evolution board game


Image result for many dice

Avalon / Mafia / Werewolf

Image result for avalon cards mordred

Other Parlourarity e.g. Buddhafield GEA Inspired ‘Fun’